Koci Studios and RooM by Pocketstock present: Tips to become a better smartphone photographer

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Wondering how to get the most of your smartphone camera? Is there more to mobile photography than filters to make your pictures look better than they really are? Let’s face it, filters don’t substitute for good photography, let’s learn some good habits.

Mobile photography inspirations by Koci by Pocketstock


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The Topics covered in this podcast:

  • It’s all about the light.
  • Zoom with your feet.
  • Control exposure and focus separately.
  • Silence your inner critic.
  • Secret to strong storytelling. Editing!
  • Power of observation.
  • Forget the Filters. Not Really, just use wisely.
  • Shooting from and for the heart.
  • Setting goals, deadlines and study time.
  • How to keep an open mind.
  • How to always be ready.


For more, check out my CNN Article:


  • iPhone photographer Richard Koci Hernandez shares 12 tips
  • Filters don’t substitute for good photography, he says
  • Shoot from the hip to get better candids
  • Give yourself assignments and deadlines