[Sneak Peek] Koci Studios DSLR Video for Still Photographers Crash Course


We apologize for our lack of communication lately, but we’ve been working hard on getting our first online course from Koci Studios ready for release! This has been a wonderful journey for me to create this course. I wanted to convey exciting and action-driven information to beginners who want to learn DSLR video. This course will take the still photographer from no video knowledge to knowing everything you need to know to shoot compelling DSLR video stories. Check out the video above (The introduction video to the course) and get a taste of what’s coming. Not everyone was able to attend the in-person weekend workshop for $1200, so we’re making this available for $125. Go at your own pace. The course will be made available soon at an introductory price of $95 . Get into my head, see how I problem solve, get motivated, edit and shoot on location.


For more info before purchasing, <a href="http://kocistudios viagra deutsch.com/dslr-video-crash-course-buy-now/” title=”DSLR Video Crash Course | Buy Now”>click here