Start Strong or Go Home: Koci Studios Tips on How to Open Your Video Stories


Watch the video above to hear my tips on how to best open your videos in order to keep viewers from clicking away. Below are the NOTES from the video:

1. Start with a Strong Title and a Compelling Thumbnail

Examples: Strong Title: Last Minutes with ODEN

Compelling Thumbnail:  MediaStorm: A Shadow Remains by Phillip Toledano


 2. Don’t start with a text slide or “Hello, my name is…”


 3.  Start with the train already in motion

Example: Dail: Life Unbarred


4. Create a Sense of Place

Example: Opening of Woody Allen’s Manhattan


5. Steal

It’s not where you take things from – it’s where you take them to. Jean-Luc Godard

Example: Reflections on Conrad Black’s trial


6. Be Dramatic!

“Death…Nailing the coffin….Reality maybe choke me to death.” Philippe Petit

Example: Man on Wire/ 2008


7. Lead with Sound and Drama

Example: Apocalypse Now:


8. What the Hell?

This American Life: Horses in North Philly:


9. Be Bold

Example: LATimes Waiting for death, Photography and audio by Liz O. Baylen: <a href="http://www viagra,0,7556412.htmlstory”>,0,7556412.htmlstory


10. Gone Fishing, bait them, then reel them in.

Example: Melissa Dixson: The Urban Taxidermist


11. Create a sense of Mystery




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