The Power of Saying YES, Koci Studios Deconstructs a Personal Project

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Hey Friends!

A couple of months ago I fell into a rut. I was working too hard on other
people’s projects without refueling my own creative tank. So, I forced
myself to create work for myself, whether I wanted to or not. I’ve learned
from mentors that doing is better than complaining.

So, this week I wanted to share my thought process and workflow behind the
personal challenge of creating 1-video-a-week for ten weeks. You’ll learn
where I go to for inspiration, where I find royalty free music, after
effects templates and archival footage. Plus, I contemplate the benefits of
failing in public (so fun, right?) and letting everyone know what you’re
working on.

Thanks again for tuning in and if you find anything of value, please share
it! Koci


Personal project results, Tiny Collective Artist Profiles:


more on the way, 🙂

Out of the Phone:

Out of the Phone from <a href="http://vimeo pfizer viagra 100mg″>Out of the Phone on Vimeo.

Resource links mentioned during the podcast:

Why Everything Sucks, Why That’s Awesome, and How It’s Changing Us

Does the Internet Make You Smarter?

Internet Archive

Kevin MacLeod Royalty Free Music

TripleScoop Royalty Free Music

Royalty Free After Effects

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